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Oh, America.

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Sunday, November 1 2009

Halloween 2009

Ladies and gentlemen, the Real French Maid:

Real French Maid

I had so much fun with that costume.

Tuesday, May 26 2009

Supreme Courts

The Supreme Court of California ruled to uphold the ban on same-sex marriage voted by the oh-so-progressive and righteous electors of California. But not to worry, the homosexual couples wed before November 4th are allow to remain married! I am trying to reconcile the idea that marriage in California is now defined as being between people of opposite genders with the fact that some 18,000 homosexual couples are legally married in that very same California and I think I just blew a few synapses.

On that very same day, President Barack Obama nominated a woman of Puerto-Rican origins as a Supreme Court Justice. And of top of that, she is fat. (If you thought that last point couldn't matter less, read here and think twice).

This simultaneity saddens me: both events seem to be canceling each other and I am unable to be really furious about the first one or really excited about the second one. Or maybe it's just that I am working too much?

I read

Mostly detective stories. Occassionally, weird fantasy, theater, or Chinese literature in Italian (I have fantastic friends), real well-written books.

I listen to

Mof Montreal, Caravan Palace, the Ditty Bops, Dango Reinhardt, the National, Minor Majority, Léo Ferré, Beethoven, Sonny Rollins, Laura Marling, Erlend Øye, Hjaltalin, Sufjan Stevens, Yuri Bashmet. And others.

I am

late, I'm late, I'm late for a very important date, delighted by Oscar Wilde (One should always be a little improbable), a little improbable, still very much of a bloody leftist, heathen atheist, and a woman scientist.

Deep Thought

'To leave is to die a little. But to die is to leave a lot' (translated from French)
[Alphonse Allais]

(Almost) Legal Mentions

(Dammit this one joke only works in French. You're missing out.)
Not recommended for children under 36 months.
Please handle carefully.
Beware of the kitty.
Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.*
* Strike out if inapplicable