A Few Questions (and Some Answers)


Krazy Kitty (Chloé in real life) is a charming (of course) young French lady of 37 (all those years). She exiled, for a very good cause (getting a PhD), in Southern California. Sand beaches, palm trees, Hollywood stars, big cars and young blond surfers, she had it all. Then she also got that PhD and came back to Europe as fast as she could. Then she lived in Germanland, where she kept doing hot science, and from where she traveled all over the place. Now she's back in Paris and well determined to enjoy the hell out of it.


Pure narcissism, of course; the deep satisfaction of seeing her own little words spread all over the Interwebs, watching her statistics, reading new comments, putting up cute kittehs pictures and ask for cheezburgers.

Wait, what? Weblogs are not necessarily about statistics, cute kittehs pictures, and cheezburgers? Why didn't anybody warn me earlier?

Well, of course, to keep in touch with friends left behind in France (or somewhere else, as they don't hesitate to travel too) in August of 2005 (or before); to share with them (and other stray readers) her discovery of the wondrous United States of The Americas; to write stupid things on the Interwebs; and by pure narcissism, obviously.


Krazy Kitty (who looks like the pictures she accepts to put online -- although the pictures are prettier) owns several arms, legs, and feet, which can be more useful than cumbersome, at times. The whole lot, when wearing little white and flowery cotton socks, stands five feet and six inches tall (or one hundred and sixty-eight centimeters, for people who have the decency of using the metric system).

Krazy Kitty listens to a lot of music (but avoids most hip-hop, and all techno dance music), reads about everything she can put her hands on (exceptions include: The Iliad, Doctor Zhivago, The Wings of the Dove, and the latest offenses committed by Patricia Cornwell), and deeply loathes Coke (by which she means Cola, not all sodas, and if you start mentioning pops she will give you a bewildered look and scream with her best French accent "You Amehricanz are ze crazy!").

Krazy Kitty speaks French, as well as French from Marseilles, English, quite a lot for nothing, some German, a little bit of Spanish, a few sentences of Italian and even less Danish. She also learned some Hebrew at some point, and promptly forgot it.

Krazy Kitty is demanding, mostly towards herself, which can make her especially unbearable close to a deadline or after having made the mistake of the century. Krazy Kitty cannot stand misspells, but produces some every so often.

Krazy Kitty is, fundamentally, a nice gal, which does not prevent her from being a pest. Or conversely. Krazy Kitty cannot say no, but she's trying: "no".

Krazy Kitty is impulsive. Krazy Kitty rarely hesitates, whether it is before taking a very important decision (such as picking clothes in the morning), or before making the mistake of the century (Errare humanum est).

Krazy Kitty has a wild imagination, which can lead to spells of either paranoia or laughter. Most people will favor the second option.

Krazy Kitty is therefore situated somewhere in between "slightly nuts" and "mad as a hatter". However, some like to say that Krazy Kitty, deep down, has a good heart. Which is not necessarily a good thing, come to think about it.

Why Krazy Kitty?

Because she can be a crazy cookie, at times.

Because Krazy Kat and Ignatz the Mouse (and Krazy Kitty can mistake bricks for proofs of love if she wants to — or proofs of love for bricks, also).

And because, yes, some people call her like that. Well at least they were a long time ago.

Where else can I find Krazy Kitty?

Krazy Kitty is on Mastodon, which is mostly mentioned here to "verify" her account by creating a link between her website and her mastodon profile.