Yup. I did it at last! After months and months of toying with the idea and talking about it, I upgraded AmRhaps to dotclear2 (which had, in the meanwhile, moved from 2.0 to 2.1.5), adapted my theme to the vastly irritating new format, and created an English section.

And obviously, I made it happen when I am tremendously busy, having to finish an insane amount of projects before (1) my officemate and collaborator graduates (2) a conference deadline (Advisor and I are submitting two papers and I am loosely participating in a third one) and 3) I leave for Israel, where I am going to spend the whole summer interning in a very nice industry research lab, while two projects will keep moving on with only my remote assistance (three weeks from now... and I still don't have my plane tickets, which is driving me insane).

But the good news is, although I am getting more than my share of stress, wondering if I will ever get my PhD (the other student in the lab who started the same year as me graduated Friday morning -- to be exactly accurate, I should mention a third guy started in the Fall of 2005, but he quit the program, so I guess I'm not in that bad of a shape), and more generally speaking completely losing it, going to Israel means I get to spend some time in France both in June and September. And that, readers dearest, is beyond cool.

Especially when topped with the sweetness of the discovery of Tel-Aviv and Haifa (and I hope, many more places), the mental break of being away from the lab, and having the same mornings and evenings as France (moving from nine hours behind to one hour ahead is going to be quite surprising, I'm sure).