Boing, boing, boing, boing, boing!

November is almost over, and once I've survived the next 60 hours[1], I'll be in a plane to London, shortly followed by a plane to Los Angeles.

There will be sun, the ocean, great friends, and my favorite lady in all of America; then my favorite conference, set in a location I'm not sure I trust but as long as it features a beautiful lake and a hotel sauna and swimming pool, I'm pretty sure we'll be alright; and more sun, ocean, and my favorite physicists as a finale before flying back to Germanlandia. And yes, there's a reason "favorite" was featured three times in the same sentence.

Plock-plock, my dears, and fare thee well!


[1] Let's see... proofread a very important, 18-pages document; finish putting a research project together, and other shenanigans related to the first phase of my application to faculty positions in France; three meetings; three talks to attend; a goodbye dinner; an orchestra rehearsal; pack; clean the flat for some insurance visit; finish reviewing a 30-page paper; consolidate my code with that of a colleague who still hasn't send anything; ensure my poster is printed and in the appropriate poster tube; a gazillion administrative things; pick up a package at the post office; get my hair cut. Yeah, I'm almost there. Good thing I'm amped up.