What is Dotclear?

Dotclear, the little blog engine that could, is an open source content management software. I've started playing with it a few years after I started blogging, fed up that I was with the lack of flexibility of the online platforms I'd been using until then, and I never went back—how could I? From its start, a little over four years ago, AmRhaps in English has been powered by Dotclear as well.

More than a tool, though, Dotclear is also a community of amazing people. I met them on the forums when trying to figure out how to make this thing here have that behavior there, on their blogs, on twitter, and then, for some of them, in real life. Year after year, Dotclear has been a growing part of my blogging experience... so when, last month, Kozlika sent a cry for help and called for contributions, I didn't hesitate before signing up. I'm now proud to be part of the team, however so modestly, as an occasional tester and, more reliably, one of the English voices of Dotclear, both on twitter and on the blog (where I even comment in my broken but cheerful German if needed).

Happy birthday, Dotclear, and here's to another ten years!